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Prescription Services

We endeavor to accurately and efficiently dispense your prescription and provide professional advice about the medicines, and as well as advice on life style changes and self-care measures that will optimize your health outcome.


Free Consultation

If you have any health related complaint, for it being a common cold or athlete’s foot, our pharmacist will always be happy to recommend options that you can purchase or if required refer you to a suitable health practitioner. 


Medication Compliance Pack

Medico Pack is a specially designed, easy-to-use "bubble pack" that is available in Weekly or Monthly Packs to help you or your loved ones who are on multiple medications or have a busy lifestyle to remember taking the right medicines at the right time of the day.

a few words about us

Eden Park Pharmacy has a reputation for trusted pharmacy advice and great value prices, offering professional, personalised service and health care solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Our physical retail store is located in central Auckland close by Eden Park, and has operated a very successful and unique pharmacy and natural health store for over 10 years.

In addition to stocking a wide range of quality natural health products, over the counter medications and beauty essentials, Eden Park Pharmacy has the expertise to offer a range of health services. Come in and talk to us about Coeliac disease testing, blood pressure checks, a number of vaccinations, bowel health screening, medicine management, warfarin monitoring and more.

As a leading health professional we take all aspects of customer care and health very seriously. We work hard to ensure that our online pharmacy offers the best possible service to our patients and customers and that we also offer the products that people want their pharmacy to sell. If you would like to offer any feedback on how we are doing or if you want to let us know about any product that we do not currently sell then please get in touch!

We are current members of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. We operate to the highest standards of ethical pharmacy practice.

Our friendly professional pharmacists are always available to discuss health conditions and medicines, provide advice on products and help you get the most from your medicines.

We offer highly competitive pricing as well as a unique loyalty bonus of 2% cash back and shopping points with every purchase for Lyoness members. You don't have to wait to accumulate hundreds of dollars in purchases before being able to claim this bonus. Every time you purchase off the site, you are able to receive a cash amounting to 2% of your order.

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